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The Best Gun Safe for the Money: Winchester

October 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · Home

Winchester gun safes offer some of the best value in today’s security container industry.  They’re supplied by a company who is no stranger to the world of firearms – both in protecting them and producing them.  Winchester has been manufacturing world-class guns since 1855, helping our soldiers win battles, and our law enforcement protect our cities.  I challenge anyone fine a more recognizable name in the firearms industry, or a more dependable gun safe for the cost.

Winchester’s partner in production is a well-respected safe manufacturer out of Texas, Granite Security.  Their safe construction expertise, and Winchester’s amazing knowledge and recognition in the firearms industry, makes them a fierce team, passing loaded features and incredible value to the customer.

Flames are something that you want to keep very far away from your valuables, whether they be your gun collection, or precious family photo albums.  For this reason, Winchester gun safes come prepared for the heat.  All of them have been tested to withstand 1400 degree heat for anywhere from 30 minutes to over two hours.  Considering the price tag on these puppies, you’re going to be hard pressed to find that kind of protection anywhere else.

Burglaries, in addition to fires, are also an obvious threat that a home owner with a firearms collection needs to deeply consider.  A Winchester gun safe owner, however, doesn’t have to worry or think about it too hard as Winchesters have been proven in a strict lab setting to be able to withstand extreme punishment from some of the toughest safe crackers in the business.  UL put these suckers through the ringer when they gave them their RSC listing, so you can rest assured that your valuables, when locked within the walls of a Winchester, are in good hands.

Best Gun Safe for the Money

In case you’re still doubting the validity of their protection claims, Winchester takes it one step further and offers a lifetime guarantee to the original owner of one of their units.  If your safe is destroyed, scratched, or looked at wrong in a fire or a burglary, the company will cover all costs, even if they have to replace the whole thing.  Weigh in all the aforementioned features, and I challenge anyone to find a better line of products for the Winchester gun safe price.

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